Dizzy Fest 8 A Hit

Dizzy Pig BBQ
8763 Virginia Meadows Drive
Manassas, VA 20109

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Semi-annually for several years the team at Dizzy Pig BBQ has hosted Dizzy Fest, a gathering of Big Green Egg owners who come to compete and showcase their recipes and cooking talent. The June event, like previous years, did not disappoint. To enjoy Dizzy Fest you need to purchase a ticket online that allows you to sample as much BBQ as you like. The cooking teams start early in the morning preparing breakfast and lunch items for tasters to sample. Watch the Dizzy Pig web page so you don’t miss the next Dizzy Fest in the fall.

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Big Green Eggs were everywhere.

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First up a nice breakfast scramble with sausage and peppers.

20150606_102111 copy

I believe the un-official theme of this year’s Fest was bacon wrapped everything. We started with bacon wrapped meatballs.


Then onto salmon wrapped in bacon.

20150606_102605 copy

Shrimp dusted with Dizzy Pig’s Tsunami Spin spice.

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A nice mild sweet sausage.

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Sausage and cheese in a Wonton cup.

20150606_125913 copy

Trader Joe’s Spicy Italian Sausage.

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Smoked pork loin.

20150606_130831 copy

Grilled mushrooms stuffed with crab and cheese.

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Pork loin with an awesome cherry sauce.

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Smoked and toasted crackers.

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