Now’s the Time to Buy a Sous Vide

As prices have come down Sous Vide devices have become increasingly popular with home chefs. I have this Anova model and am very happy with it. It is now at it’s lowest price ever on and a great deal. If you are looking to make your kitchen life a little easier or want to turn low cost cuts of meat into mouth watering delights, give it a try. Here is an excellent Anova tutorial on using a Sous Vide. The Sous Vide Facebook group has over 21,000 members.

Scooping Ice Cream is Easy with the Right Equipment

Zeroll makes excellent ice cream scoops that work well and last a lifetime.

Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream Scoop USA Favorite Since 1935 Liquid Filled Heat Conductive Handle One Piece Design Easy Release Made in USA Right Or Left-handed 40 Scoops Per Gallon, 2-ounce, Silver

The Zeroll model 1020 is a high quality 2oz single piece scoop selling for $16.50 Prime on Amazon. The handle is filled with a heat conductive fluid so there is no need to keep dipping it in water. This is commercial grade equipment so it lasts.

Zeroll 1065FS Tubmate Aluminum Ice Cream Spade

For those wanting a larger volume scoop with the same quality there is the Zeroll model 1065FS flat scoop. It sells for $20.81 Prime on Amazon.