Lodge 10” Chicken Pan on Sale at Amazon


The Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron (10-Inch) 3-Quart Deep Skillet, aka Chicken Pan, is on sale at Amazon for $20.95 down from it’s usual price of $29.99 most places. This pan sits on my stove with a glass lid 24/7. It is my go to pan for everything from sautéing to deep frying. It is one of the most versatile pans you can own.

Lodge Cast Iron Pans on Sale

The Lodge 10.25 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan is on sale at Amazon.com for $14.90 with free Prime shipping. This pan sells at many retail outlets for between $19.99 – $24.95. This is my go to pan and sits on my stovetop 24/7. Not sure how long it will be on sale so jump on it if you have been thinking about cooking with cast iron.