Café Bonjour in Haymarket Disappointing

Café Bonjour
14950 Washington St.
Haymarket, VA 20169
571- 248-0810

20150425_104709 copy

My wife and I headed over to Haymarket a few weeks ago only to find AKT Nourish had changed their hours and no longer offered breakfast. We tried Café Bonjour just a few blocks away but were disappointed. We ordered breakfast and waited 34 minutes for our food to come. The restaurant is small and was not busy so it seemed like a long wait for an omelet and French toast. My wife’s omelet was ok but was just thrown on a plate. No orange slice or wilted dandelion garnish, nothing. The last time I saw such a lonely omelet was in a chow hall 35 years ago.

20150425_105003 copy

My French toast was lukewarm and barely coated in egg wash. It looked like the egg may have been lightly brushed on rather than soaked.

20150425_104920 copy

Without soaking French toast the bread becomes chewy and hard to get down. If you plan on visiting Café Bonjour I would stick with the pastry items, they looked good.