DizzyFest – BBQ Paradise

Dizzy Pig BBQ
8763 Virginia Meadows Drive
Manassas, VA 20109


Semi-annually for the last 3 years the team at Dizzy Pig BBQ has put on DizzyFest, a gathering of Big Green Egg enthusiasts who come to compete and showcase their recipes and cooking talent. We were invited by Dizzy Pig owner Chris Capell to set up our Serve Our Willing Warriors display to let people know about the Bull Run Warrior Retreat and our Visiting Chef Program. Dizzy Pig is a donating vendor to the Visiting Chef Program and will have their line of incredible seasonings in the kitchen when the retreat opens this fall.

The June 6th DizzyFest attracted nearly 75 cooks on 25 teams who came to compete and offer samples of their favorite dishes, all prepared on their Big Green Eggs. It’s best to purchase tickets before hand at the Dizzy Pig web page. This DizzyFest was sold out and capped at 350 attendees. Tasting tickets were $35 for an individual and $55 for a couple. The next DizzyFest is November 8, 2014.


If you’re like me you are only vaguely familiar with the Big Green Egg. They come in a variety of sizes, can grill, smoke, or bake, and are easy to use. What I saw first-hand is that you can cook anything on them. I saw ribs, chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, fried rice and pizza on Big Green Eggs during the day.


In the booth next to us Dave Semovoski and his family started the day making shrimp and grits, then an incredible Beef, Pork, and Veal meatball mixed with Cheese and Jalapenos. He ended the day using his Big Green Egg to melt chocolate to make Grand Marnier S’mores, a hit with everyone.



Ribs were everywhere.


Just about everything was wrapped in bacon one time or another. Including this hand-made smoked sausage.


This team offered Dr. Assburn’s Fire Roasted Habanero sauce with their samples but it looked like no one was brave enough to open it.


Dizzy Pig owner Chris Capell competed in the DizzyFest Throwdown but lost to Mike and Karen Beer who took first place for their Chilean Sea Bass with grit cakes and mustard sauce dish.


Joel and Erin Matteson with the Pepper Monkey BBQ team created amazing meatballs for us.

If you love BBQ and are going to be within a 100 miles of Manassas, Virginia Saturday November 8th don’t miss Dizzy Fest, it’s a real treat.