Red Apron Butcher

Red Apron Butcher
8298 Glass Alley (Merrifield)
Fairfax, VA 22031


The first location in Virginia for the popular DC based Neighborhood Restaurant Group’s charcuterie deli and butcher shop is worth a stop when you are in Merrifield.


Butcher Nate Anda has done a great job of getting only the highest quality meats, fresh pasta, and prepared meals.


They offer an array of breakfast and made to order sandwiches. Check out the menu here.


My wife and I split the incredible Porkstami sandwich, made of Pastrami Style Pork, Mustard Aioli, Bacon Braised Sauerkraut, on a Baguette. I am not a big sauerkraut fan but this was the best I have had. Not overly sourer as some can be. We were not hungry enough to order fries but I understand the Nate’s Fries cooked in aged beef fat are awesome.


Even if you don’t grill or do much cooking it is worth stopping at any of the 3 Red Apron Butcher locations for a splendid lunch.