Dessert at Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop

222 Albemarle Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 – 410-685-4905


A short walk from our wonderful lunch at Ciao Bella is Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop. Elizabeth had told us it was one of her favorite places for dessert. The bakery is divided into a front area serving customers picking up pastry as take out and a section offering seating for those wishing to have pastry and coffee immediately. We waited for a table to sit and enjoy our dessert.


My wife and I split this wonderful vanilla and chocolate napoleon. It was one of the best I have had. And I have had some in New York that were very good. The dough was light and flaky with rich full flavored fillings. The serving was large enough for both of us especially after just finishing lunch.


Elizabeth had the traditional canoli with a sweet and smooth filling. It was an excellent end to a great afternoon. The deserts are on the pricy side at about $26 and some change for 2 desserts, 3 coffees, and tip. But it was worth every penny.

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