Culpeper Glory Days Grill – Fail

15295 Montanus Dr.
Culpeper, VA 22701
(540) 829-7133

American | $


On a recent Sunday drive we found our way to Culpeper, VA and decided to stop by Glory Days Gill for a late lunch.


I have had the Tortilla Soup at the Manassas location and loved it. The one here not so much. It was ok but not the same as the batch in Manassas.


I went with the crab cakes and was disappointed. They looked great but were mostly filler.


The golden rule of food photography is never take pictures of half eaten food, it’s not a good look. Crab cakes need filler to hold them together. Here there was little crab and mostly filler. The flavor came from the crispy panko, not crab.

If you find yourself at Glory Days you may want to pass on the crab cakes, they weren’t worth the money.