Awesome Seafood in Ashburn

Ford’s Fish Shack
44260 Ice Rink Plaza
Ashburn, VA 20147

Seafood | $$


This is one of three Northern Virginia locations. Addresses and directions can be found on their web page.



Home-made corn muffins is always a great way to start any meal. They were great tasting and perfectly moist.


Our Rhode Island Calamari appetizer was wonderful. A nice light flavorful batter and ginger aioli. More thank enough for two people.


My wife loved this Lobstah Bisque with a Sambuca Cream and Chives.


I had to go for the Crab Cakes with Chorizo Mac & Cheese. The Crab Cakes were excellent, better than any I get at the shore and almost a good as what I had at Lemaire in Richmond. The Chorizo Mac and Cheese was wonderful, not overly cheesy and the Chorizo gives it just enough spice for my taste.


My wife’s seafood platter gave her a selection of perfectly cooked shrimp, scallops, clams, and oysters. All are some of her favorites and delicious. It’s a large portion of seafood and the sides, while very good, didn’t get touched much. When asked she quickly said she would order it again in a heartbeat.

With the calamari, soup, and two sizable entrées there was no room for dessert. Based on our overall experience with dinner there is no reason to think dessert would not be tasty. The noise level was moderate. Service was excellent, attentive and welcoming.

Quality well prepared fish is hard to find, even in places where you would expect all seafood to be spectacular, like the shore. We have been meaning to try Ford’s Fish Shack for some time. I have heard good things and our experience proved them  true. The day we visited Chef/Owner Tony Stafford was overseeing operations and everything ran like clockwork. Before you decide to drive to the Eastern Shore or go to Passion Fish in the impossible to park Reston Town Center, find the nearest Ford’s Fish Shack and give it a try. You will be impressed.

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