Foode – Funky in Fredericksburg

1006 C / D Caroline Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
540- 479-1370

American | $


Foode is located right on one of the main streets of Fredericksburg so parking can be tough on weekends.


In better weather there are four small tables outside before you enter the restaurant.


Menu highlights are posted right out front.


The unusual décor starts outside.


Inside you find a simple eclectic style with seating for about twenty.


The menu changes weekly and you order at the small counter in the corner.


The iced tea was very good.


Mason jars are everywhere.


They offer a citrus-infused water and coffee.



I had these wonderful house made sausages with grits, black beans, and avocado. The sausage was fantastic. Sweet and a little spicy but just enough for the flavor to linger. The black beans were good but not something I think I have seen paired with grits before. The combination of the two did nothing to elevate the flavor profile for me. I wouldn’t have missed them if they weren’t on the plate.



My wife had the braised short ribs with grilled asparagus, a chutney, and foode fries. I tasted the braised short rib and it melted in your mouth. They give you a big whopping knife but you honestly don’t need it. The meat is so tender it easily comes apart with your fork.

They had some nice desserts on the menu but we were full from dinner and passed. Normally we save some room for dessert by taking some of our entrée home but here it was so good I couldn’t stop eating it. The noise level is moderate and the staff is friendly. There is minimal table-side service, but plenty of staff around to help you, so there is no tipping. I would be surprised if they are not already looking for a larger space. Not only is the restaurant small but the layout is bizarre. The kitchen is upstairs with no inside connection to the restaurant. The runners have to go outside, come down a flight of stairs, and come in the front door with the food. I imagine it can be a little dicey in the winter.

If you haven’t found Foode yet give it a try. It is farm fresh food prepared right at a reasonable price. Just what people want.