Haymarket Gets Breakfast

AKT Nourish Market and Eatery
15111 Washington St., Suite 113
Haymarket, VA 20169

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AKT Nourish is the best thing to happen to Haymarket since the town’s only stop light was put in. Open for breakfast and lunch the chefs and staff are ready to prepare first-rate meals. Breakfast places are few and good ones are hard to find. AKT Nourish is a good one. On Washington Street in downtown Haymarket, there is easy access to plenty of parking. The AKT in the name is rooted in their personal chef business and stands for Annie’s Kitchen Table.

Personal chefs Anne Thomas and Renée Marie have created a place where farm-to-table is at the heart of every dish. Fresh locally sourced foods in the hands of seasoned chefs never fails to impress. Coupled with fresh baked croissants and great coffee my breakfasts have been a treat.

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It is not a large space but with tables outside there is seating for about 20.

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As with many farm-to-table restaurants the menu changes often based on what is in season and available.

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Chef Renée Marie on the left made me the best breakfast burrito I have had. Before I get bombarded with questions about the stove, putting in electric was strictly a business decision. The space was completely renovated before opening and running a gas line to the stove was cost prohibitive. Such a large capital expense to rental property didn’t make sense. Chef Thomas told me everyone has adapted well to the electric stove and the self-contained ventilation system it afforded also helped keep costs down.

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The Crispy Breakfast Burrito with Scrambled Eggs, Chorizo, Hash Browns, and Cheese was magnificent. The chorizo had a great taste adding just the right spice.

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My wife had the Veggie Scramble with an array of fresh vegetables in scrambled eggs and cheese. She loved the dish and raved about the fresh baked croissant.

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On my latest visit I had the Belgian Waffle with a side of bacon, seasonal fruit and some nice whipped raspberry butter made in-house. The waffle was perfect and the fruit was bursting with flavor.

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On my only lunch visit I selected the Bacon Blue Cheese Burger. The thick all beef burger was delicious and had just the right amount of blue cheese. Often there is too much blue cheese on burgers, smothering other flavors. If I wanted to taste just blue cheese I would have them hold the meat and bun when I order.

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Piping hot coffee helps me start the day.

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My wife loved the the hot Chai Tea.

Service is focused and top-notch. Everyone at AKT Nourish is professional and friendly. Interacting with the staff it is obvious they want to do everything they can to make your meal special.

There are places to eat breakfast in the Haymarket/Gainesville area. Panera Bread has a wide selection of bagels, IHOP is great for pancakes at night after a softball game, but none offer food as fresh and delicious as AKT Nourish. Try them once and you’ll be hooked, going back again and again.

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