Lunch With Great Friends

About the only thing better than visiting a nice restaurant with a great chef is visiting with friends, all great cooks. This weekend we met in Radiant, Virginia to celebrate a friend’s retirement with a pot luck lunch. Everyone who came is a great cook except me. Lunch was perfect.


Ed brought a wonderful vegetarian soup and Pat came with a beautiful fruit salad. On my plate above is my wife’s fresh green salad with Kale, the “it” vegetable of 2014, Bonnie’s Spanakopita a Greek spinach like pie, Mary’s super smooth Broccoli and Rice Casserole, and Steve’s Smoked Salmon.

I am not a big spinach fan but Bonnie does something to her Spanakopita that flips the “I like that switch” in my brain. The fresh herbs and cheese really give it a distinct savory taste. Steve smoked the salmon for hours that morning. It was off-the-charts fantastic with a smoky taste just this side of the over-the-top line giving it a rich woody flavor that was a great compliment to all the dishes.

We loved seeing everyone and thanks for giving me an incredible dining experience that didn’t cost me $300.