Late Night at IHOP


IHOP Gainesville, VA

Let me say that by late night I mean 2130 hours. Late for us to be out eating on a week night.

I ordered the Pot Roast sandwich. It came with fries and was hot off the grill. Nothing fancy just solid good food. It is made with pot roast, caramelized onions, and cheese. I took what it came with for cheese which turned out to be American. I didn’t taste the onions that much but I didn’t miss them much anyway.

The fries seemed a little different this time. It seemed like they may have been dusted with salt, pepper, and a spice. They were probably the best I have had at IHOP. That is not saying much since I usually only order breakfast items here. I went with water to drink so nothing to report there other than it was cold thankfully.

They gave me the military discount of 10% since I am a disabled veteran. The whole thing cost us $14.91 for my wife’s dinner included. Not bad for grabbing something late.

Service was adequate.