‘Washington City Paper’ Names Bresca Best New Restaurant of the Year

First-time restaurateur Ryan Ratino has the best new restaurant in D.C., according to the editorial crew at Washington City Paper . WCP readers chose Navy Yard’s quick-casual Indian spot Rasa as their favorite newcomer for the annual “Best Of” issue, with Maydan and Chicken + Whiskey rounding out the publicly supported picks .

Source: ‘Washington City Paper’ Names Bresca Best New Restaurant of the Year

Now’s the Time to Buy a Sous Vide

As prices have come down Sous Vide devices have become increasingly popular with home chefs. I have this Anova model and am very happy with it. It is now at it’s lowest price ever on Amazon.com and a great deal. If you are looking to make your kitchen life a little easier or want to turn low cost cuts of meat into mouth watering delights, give it a try. Here is an excellent Anova tutorial on using a Sous Vide. The Sous Vide Facebook group has over 21,000 members.

Instant Pot 101: How To Cook Vegetables

From starchy veggies to green veggies to the fungus among us, learn how to perfectly cook every nutritious and delicious vegetable in your Instant Pot pressure cooker with this comprehensive Instant Pot 101 guide. If you’ve cooked enough vegetables in your Instant Pot, you know that it can be a very delicate balance!

Source: Instant Pot 101: How To Cook Vegetables